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Six new sharp brains at link22

Six new sharp brains at link22

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

The world is still in the process of being digitized and it does not seem to slow down any time soon. At link22, we are continuously moving forward towards new challenges. We are therefore very happy to announce that we have recruited six new sharp brains. This will enable us to keep up the pace and it will enrich the link22 culture!

Welcome; Elis Hallqvist, Kevin Kvissberg, Joakim Forsberg, Karl E., Björn Knuthammar and Peter Alvarsson.

We are grateful to receive this much knowledge and eager to offer a workplace full of possibilities. Cybersecurity is a growing industry and the engagement has never been higher.

A deeper presentation of each individual will follow later this fall.

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We welcome Elis Hallqvist to link22!

We welcome Elis Hallqvist to link22!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Elis has previous experience with link22 through internships and summer jobs. He is a familiar face and now assumes the role of IT technician after completing his studies.

Why did you choose link22?

Being part of link22 feels right to me. I have had an internship here and know the business from before. We share the ambition to develop the company and create new ways of working, it feels good to be part of a team and work with like-minded people.

I look forward to developing my competence in cyber security and finding the right solutions that meet our customers' high security requirements.

We are happy to have you on the team, Elis!

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IT-Technician and system administrator

IT-Technician & system administrator


Do you want to join a growing company on a journey towards deeper knowledge and broader market penetration? Join us! link22 is in the midst of the Swedish cyber security mecka with private and public actors gathering in Linköping to take the industry to the next level. We have delivered advanced cyber security solutions to customers with the highest standards since 2006.

We are looking for you who have a genuine interest in IT-products both from a hardware and software perspective. If you are meticulous, enjoy working in teams and find it meaningful to make the world a safer place, we think there is a match.

link22 develop and implement products and IT-solutions to protect our customers' most sensitive information and infrastructure. Please read more in detail here.


About link22
We are cybersecurity. Our in-house expertise is deep and we have delivered secure and robust solutions, to customers on the extreme end of the spectrum, for over a decade. Our customers protect critical infrastructure. We maintain and safeguard citizens' data and integrity. Our products are designed to prevent cyberattacks while meeting strict regulations and delivering advanced functionality. We stay up to date by developing products in close collaboration with our partners and customers. The link22 product portfolio is centered around access control, encryption, logs and secure system separation.

Your role
As a cybersecurity IT-technician and system administrator at link22 you will work both internally and with clients. The role will include development, operations, maintenance and support for the system solutions of link22. Your responsibility will also include the ongoing improvement of internal environments and support. A workweek may include handling of daily support tickets, incident investigations and upkeep of employee documentation and securing our internal IT-environment. You will be part of a team that is responsible for support and production.

Opportunities for advancement
We value and are dependent on the development of individuals within the company. Advanced cybersecurity is a multifaceted area and we will support your development in multiple disciplines simultaneously. You will face serious challenges to solve either on your own or as part of a team of experienced colleagues. There are opportunities to specialize within one of the many areas related to cybersecurity.

What we are looking for
We are looking for someone with a genuine interest in technology. For us, it matters less whether it comes from 10 years of experience in IT operations and management or from a hobby activity. We require relevant experience within IT operations and maintenance. We value specific experience from customer service and support. It is also crucial with a cultural match towards the specific team and the company in general. This role requires ability to lead and delegate.

The following is required

  • Experience related to Windows Server and Windows Client
  • Experience related to IT-networks, computers, operating systems, networks, communications and information security
  • Printer knowledge (drivers, configuration and troubleshooting)
  • Microsoft products, e.g. Active Directory, DNS/DHCP, Certificate Services and WSUS
  • Active Directory (administrative level knowledge)
  • PKI
  • Vitrualisation (VMware, ESXi, Hyper-V)
  • Linux (Red hat, CentOS)
  • Virtualisation (KVM, QEMU, Proxmox)
  • IT-security solutions
  • Network, switching and routing
  • Script language (bat, powershell, bash)
  • ITIL
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and other cloud services

As a person, you are meticulous and eager to deliver quality. You are hungry for knowledge and want to learn. You are a team player.

START: When we find the right person

ROLE TYPE: Full time

LOCATION: Linköping

Send your application to

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Senior Developer

Join us!

Senior Developer

Do you want to join a growing company on its journey towards deeper knowledge and broader market penetration? Look no further. Link22 is in the midst of the Swedish cyber security concentration with both private and public actors gathering in Linköping to take the industry to the next level. We have delivered advanced cyber security solutions to customers with the highest standards since 2006.

We are looking for you who likes to write sophisticated code. We are looking for you who want to build products and systems that protect our clients' most sensitive information and crucial infrastructure. 

About link22

We are cybersecurity. Our products protect critical infrastructure. We safeguard the integrity of citizens. link22 counteracts cyberattacks and helps clients meet strict laws and specific functionality needs. Product development and research at link22 is conducted in close communication with customers. Our core products are within access control, encryption technology, log management and cross domain solutions.



As a Link22 developer, you will develop, test, maintain and support both stand alone products and systems. Your team will work closely with clients. The everyday job will also include quality assurance in an automated testing- and development environment. This role will be a part of a tight team that actuates projects for our customers. As a senior developer we expect you to take our technology further.  link22 is a small team, which means there are good opportunities to influence. It also means that you need to be a self-reliant problem solver. In your team, you adopt an agile approach; collectively, you handle requirement gathering, sprint planning, and retrospectives.


Career opportunities

Link22 is a renowned company in the cyber security industry, especially within governmental actors in Sweden. We hire both potential and expertise, we help everyone to be the best they can be. We are especially a great place to work if you want to become an expert within advanced cyber security. At link22 you will face challenging technical problems together with experienced colleagues. We have plenty of room for specialization and you will have the opportunity to specialize within cyber security. This makes link22 a good place to be if you are serious about your career within cyber security.


We are looking for you who:

Have a bachelor's degree or equivalent within data/IT, a genuine interest for technology and a strive for quality. You need to have at least three years of experience within software development. Cultural fit is also of crucial importance.


Ýou must have:


  • Two years of experience from Linux
  • Three years of experience from C++
  • Knowledge within continuous integration / delivery
  • Knowledge within network technology
  • Knowledge within testing automation
  • Knowledge within management of requirements


We will prefer candidates with knowledge within:

  • IT-security solutions
  • Windows
  • Scripting languages
  • Web Technology
  • Python


We think you need to be a meticulous person that cannot stand to deliver anything but quality. You are preferably very ambitious and enjoy teamwork.


Start: When we find the right person

Scope: Full time

Location: Linköping

Send your application to

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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work off the grid

IT Security Architect

IT Security Architect

About the role

We want you who has experience from creating IT-infrastructure with requirements in security, integrity and user experience. Extensive skills within architecture, design and production of secure IT-systems is a must. This role also requires good operative ability both individually and as an inspiring leader.

If you are the ideal candidate you also have an ambition to be amongst the best within cybersecurity. You work close to our customers and put quality and integrity above all else. The value of innovation is incorporated in you since it is necessary to stay ahead. You are meticulous, understand the details and consider the totality.

Within three years we expect your team to be one of the best in Sweden. Together you have exceeded customer expectations and fulfilled the most rigid security requirements. Highly valued experts recommend your team before all others. You have established a structure for security testing with “threathunting, blue/red team, ethical hacking and more. Your team makes sure that link22 stays ahead technically. Hunger, creativity and curiosity leads the way.

Personally you find it meaningful to create a safer society. You find professional fulfilment in the technical and motivational challenge it means to create an elite team within cybersecurity.


  • Security architecture for IT solutions in customer assignments
  • Secure internal IT-environment
  • Business intelligence
  • Evaluate IT solutions regarding anomalies and vulnerabilities
  • IT-related cost efficiency
  • Internal & external education to support growth and development
  • Create and implement a vision and plan as a part of a technical roadmap for the link22 product portfolio
  • Suggest needs regarding software, hardware and knowledge to support product development and operations

You are expected to support company wide strategic decisions from your angle of expertise while simultaneously improving link22 within your specific areas. You will also have the opportunity to work independently with investigations and tests to develop new concepts.

What we seek in short

  • Experience from building secure IT-systems with high integrity.
  • Great operative capabilities. Maybe a skillful technician rising as a professional and as a person.
  • Independent.
  • An inspiring leader.
  • A helpful person who enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge.
  • A colleague to look up to.
  • A professional who always seeks knowledge.

Technical competence

You need deep knowledge within Windows, networks, storage, PKI, Unix/Linux, access control and more. If you are the right person for this role you know what specific knowledge that is needed beyond what's described in this ad.

link22 are a stable and long term partner working for increased cybersecurity across society. We try to be the first choice when the state, government, organizations and the industry are looking for secure IT-solutions.

SCOPE: Full time

PLACE: link22 HQ in Linköping

START: when the right candidate are ready

Send your application to

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Daniel Lester

Welcome Daniel Lester!

Welcome Daniel Lester!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

We are proud to announce our latest colleague Daniel Lester, a marketer deeply interested in cybersecurity.

He entered link22 with a major in marketing and experience from the 3D visualization industry and Cybersecurity within Australian Federal Police. Experience from different industries and different countries means new viewpoints regarding functionality, regulations and selling points. This is very useful for link22 and as always we hope that link22 learns as much from Daniel as Daniel learns from link22.

Why did you choose link22?

I thoroughly enjoy working within the cybersecurity industry. I find it to be both challenging and rewarding. Challenging in the sense things are always changing and you need to keep up to date. Rewarding in there is no better than feeling than knowing you are helping to protect society. I was also drawn to Link22 due to its high-quality products and strong growth in recent times. 

I want to deepen my knowledge within the cybersecurity field.

What are your thoughts on cybersecurity and the future?

I think cybersecurity is a vital concern for a functioning society. Having previously worked with the Australian Federal Police, I have seen the risks that face our society and witnessed firsthand the consequences of neglecting cybersecurity. I hope I can help our customers never see those consequences. 

We are very excited about having Daniel onboard!


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Fredrik Adolfsson

Welcome Fredrik Adolfsson

Welcome Fredrik Adolfsson!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

It is with joy we announce that Fredrik is officially a part of the link22 team, an avid programer, eager to master* the field of cybersecurity.

Fredrik is a 23 year old with a bachelor's degree in programming. He has been working successfully with link22 as a consultant for the last year and both parties are now ready to take it to the next level.

We talked to Fredrik about his relationship to cybersecurity as a whole, and link22 as a company.

“I looked for a place where I can adopt responsibility and evolve myself as a software developer. I am also intrigued by working with the link22 products and customers.”

“I was a novice around cybersecurity when I started here, working alongside the experienced people here really is a pleasure. Now I am creating products that makes it easier to succeed harder to fail.”

Fredrik is hungry for knowledge, he expressed his urge to learn more about cybersecurity. His interest ranges all the way from articulated needs to delivered products. All in line with the every knowledge hungry company link22. On the subject of cybersecurity he believes the interest and need will increase over the foreseeable future, both from government, private companies and individuals.

We are very happy to strengthen the team with another knowledge hungry and ambitious individual

*it can never be mastered but the ambition too is nonetheless necessary


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Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

It is with joy that we announce that Henrik is our new colleague and software developer!

28-year old Henrik is a newly graduated civil engineer in media technology and he looks forward to the challenge in his new position.

- It seems to be a nice workplace with good coworkers. With my energy and curiosity I hope to make a significant contribution for link22, says Henrik.

In his spare time he likes to play guitar and work out at the gym.

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Magnus Johansson

Welcome Magnus Johansson!

Welcome Magnus Johansson!

Magnus Johansson

We are happy to welcome Magnus as our new business area manager for secure access. His portfolio contains manager posts at Ericsson, Saab, Toyota and Veoneer.

- With a background in big companys I am excited to work in a smaller and more familiar company as link22. I am excited to be a part of link22’s journey. There is a greater awareness for cyber security in the society. It is an important mission to strengthen the security of the nation, says Magnus.

He lives with wife and three teenage children in Vikingstad. Sports of various kinds occupies a large part of Magnus free time. Both to stay active for his own cause but also as a football coach for Linköpings FC’s youth academy.

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Niklas Eriksson

Welcome Niklas Eriksson!

Welcome Niklas Eriksson!

Niklas Eriksson

link22 is happy to welcome our new software developer Niklas! 39-year-old Niklas, with roots in Nora, studied at the university in Kiruna before he landed in Norrköping to get his master’s degree. Since then he has been loyal to Östergötland. After 13 years at Ericssons development department he is now a part of the link22-family.

- I am excited to take the step from telecom to IT security. After being part of a big and global company I now look forward to work in a small and familiar company with great co-workers. I see link22 as openminded and curious, ready for constantly change and improvement, says Niklas. He will be responsible for tests to ensure and secure the quality of link22’s products and services.

His spare time contains running spiced up with local races, Göteborgvarvet and trail marathons.

Niklas also likes to cultivate everything from chili to grapes in his own greenhouse.

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