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Three government security challenges solved with data diodes

Three government security challenges solved with data diodes

Appropriate data security

As government authorities are becoming more vulnerable to various types of cyberattacks, it is crucial to prioritize cybersecurity and implement systematic measures to protect against these threats. An important aspect of cybersecurity is selecting the appropriate solutions, such as data diodes, which are designed to withstand attacks and provide a high level of security for sensitive information. By utilizing data diodes, government authorities can effectively address a range of IT security issues and ensure the protection of data security.

The data Diode

A data diode is a cybersecurity solution that utilizes one-way-communication to exchange information. This hardware product provides high assurance in maintaining the integrity of networks by preventing intrusions, while also protecting sensitive information through maintaining network confidentiality. Data diodes are an important part of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

säkerhetsprodukt link22

Data diode or Firewall?

When it comes to protecting sensitive or classified information from leakage or manipulation, one common solution is to completely disconnect it from other networks. However, there may be times when data needs to be transferred to or from the protected network. In these cases, a firewall may not be sufficient for improving cybersecurity. While a firewall can help protect the network by only allowing certain traffic through, a high assurance supplement in the form of a Cross Domain Solution (CDS) may also be necessary. A CDS, like a data diode, helps to maintain secure information exchange between domains with different security or protection needs. Data diodes, specifically, are a type of CDS that facilitate communication, sharing, or movement of information between domains while also applying validation, transformation, or filtering to the exchange.

Secure File Transfer

One use of data diodes for government authorities is secure file transfer. When transferring important information from a high-security system to a lower-security administrative office network, there is a risk of security breaches. However, by using a data diode to send the data from the high-security network to the lower-security network, the information can be transmitted safely while maintaining the integrity of the high-security network. The data diode ensures that no one can use the same connection to access the sensitive network and potentially manipulate it while also protecting the sending domain.

Learn more about the functions of data diodes here.

Using data diodes for traceability and logging in security-sensitive operations

Centralized log collection in security-sensitive systems can increase the risk of attacks. To mitigate these risks, a solution is needed that protects both log information and all connected systems.

Many IT systems generate logs that allow for troubleshooting and traceability. To maximize the usefulness of these logs, it is important to collect logs from as many systems as possible into a central system for storage and analysis.

If you have security-sensitive or zoned systems and want to implement centralized log collection, you must consider the inherent goal conflict. Logging benefits from having a common system for all zones/subsystems, but a common system increases the risk of various types of attack and the risk of information leakage between the supervised systems.

Data diodes can provide powerful protection for centralized log collection. Each zone that delivers log information is protected with a data diode. The data flow is unidirectional towards the log system. This allows for the use of a common log system, regardless of the number of zones that deliver data to it. 

Read more about logging and CDS here.

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Secure Updates

As the use of Windows and/or Linux based systems within ICS/SCADA has grown, the need to update these systems has become more pressing. This is because complex software often contains bugs that need to be fixed in order to maintain system stability and security.

However, if not done properly, the process of updating can itself pose a security risk. The integrity and availability of the systems must be maintained, and most system updates are not adequately evaluated in the environment in which they are used or in combination with the applications that are running.

One way to securely perform updates is by using a data diode to ensure one-way communication. The data diode is connected in such a way that information can be imported into the system, but since no traffic can be transmitted in the opposite direction, information leakage is prevented.

We know the in and outs of data diodes from a cybersecurity point of view. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything.

Book a demo or a meeting here.

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Cyber security for the toughest security requirements.

Cyber security for the toughest security requirements

More of everything

We feed more people with fewer resources, we educate more humans faster and more people live in luxury. All thanks to the printing press, the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution. It's now clear that digitalization is taking over in order to optimize and improve society further. Products are being connected, information is being created and shared in real-time, people are meeting, value is being saved on blockchain networks, and the list goes on. Society is changing fundamentally and everyone is affected.


What was once protected by guards, locks, and long distances need new types of defense in our digital world. Cybersecurity is essential to maintain function and security in society. Our product portfolio is the result of 16 years of helping organizations and businesses meet the highest security requirements. We offer the market-leading off-the-grid laptop Outpost, which is used by hundreds of customers. Outpost is the best in the industry and ensures compliance with the highest security requirements in Sweden.

Full control

Government agencies, businesses, municipalities, defense forces, infrastructure, and individuals are all interconnected. The economies of scale are obvious and the challenges are many.

How do we protect critical infrastructure? How can we digitize government agencies without jeopardizing the integrity of the citizen? How can we link domains with different security classifications? How do we give people access to data without making them targets for extortion? How do we make it easy for citizens to administer their personal data without enabling manipulation from anyone else?

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Take back control

To have full control, meet data security requirements and privacy guidelines, the solution in many cases is a so-called on-premises solution. We are specialists in this area. A number of cases have taught us how a government agency or company can maintain its effectiveness without having servers, data storage or processor power outsourced to a third party. Full control without compromise.


The digital landscape is constantly changing, so adaptability is key. We deliver ongoing modular solutions to help our customers who constantly face new needs, requirements, and threats. We are a long-term and reliable partner in an ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

Contact us for a free initial consultation on how we can work together to address your cybersecurity needs.

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Björn Knuthammar joins link22

Björn Knuthammar joins link22

Välkommen Peter Alvarsson

Welcome Björn

It is with pride we announce that Björn Knuthammar just joined team link22. He brings with him years of valuable experience from The Swedish Defence Research Institute, RISE, Flextronics and Ericsson. We asked a few questions regarding work, cybersecurity and life in general.

Björn puts competence and exciting technology first. Cybersecurity excites him because it is a technical challenge with societal security at stake. He welcomes the change it means to go from a large to a small company;

“I look forward to working in a small company with tight communication between leadership, sales and development.”

Björn spends his spare time in the woods, either running or looking for a golf ball as a consequence of a missed shot.

We are on an expansive and exciting journey. If you or anyone you are in for a rewarding challenge in an industry with a bright future we recommend a visit at our career site.

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Thanks for sec-t

Thanks for sec-t!

Every year, the cybersecurity elite meet at Münchenbryggeriet to share knowledge, solve problems, compete and mingle. Link22 has been a gold sponsor for many years and this year was no exception.We are very proud to support a fantastic community driven by a love for knowledge, progress and security.


Thanks sec-t, for motivation, mingle, knowledge, idéas and smiles!


Time for Sec-t, the deep knowledge cybersecurity conference

Time for Sec-t, the deep knowledge cybersecurity conference

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Those with the most profound and deep interest in cybersecurity meet every year at Munchenbrygeriet in Stockholm. The Sec-t-conference is solely focused on cybersecurity and hacking. It is a deep-knowledge week of talks and Q&As, education events, mingling at the fair square and AWs. Some of the talk headlines are:


Colorful Vulnerabilities – How changing the colors of your keyboard might lead to privilege escalation

I See What You’re Watching on SVT Play: Fast Identification of DASH Encrypted Network Traces

Hacking your dishwasher, or cloudless Home Connect appliances

Project TEMPA – Demystifying Tesla’s Bluetooth Passive Entry System


Sec-t is a fun and important conference created by volunteering enthusiasts driven by a hunger for knowledge and will to make the world safer. We are therefore very proud and happy to announce that we have been given, and accepted, the chance to be gold sponsors. We look forward to meeting the very core of Swedish Cybersecurity to learn, inspire and have fun.


We are there from the15th to the 16th of september, see you there!


Read more and buy tickets here.



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