Computer for classified information to the municipality of Linköping 

The municipality of Linköping announced the following procurement on September 24 2020. They required tools for handling classified information with high security requirements.

The municipality of Linköping lacks IT tools for handling information with very high security requirements. There is a need for such tools both today and in the future.


  • A project that aims to meet the need for computers and routines for handling classified information.
  • Employees at the municipality of Linköping must be able to work with classified information digitally.
  • A technical solution that includes individual computers and peripherals.
  • A technical solution that meets the security requirements for handling information classified as restricted and secret , including necessary peripheral functions such as printing.
  • A technical function that meets the requirements for usability.

link22 has plenty of experience from cases and customers like this. The combination of users with different IT-skill levels, handling of classified information and regulatory requirements is complicated and it takes experience and practise to be able to deliver a competitive offer.

“We knew immediately that this is the type of case where we can make a very good offering”

Andreas Karström CTO link22

The Outpost is perfect for this case. A standalone computer designed specifically to handle classified information. Plug-n-play ready with user friendly software that users from any workforce recognize.

“The fact that Linköping municipality trusts us with this makes me personally extra proud as I am a citizen of Linköping. I think the whole company feels the same as our HQ is located in Linköping.” 

Conny Ljungqvist CEO link22

link22 is to deliver a user-friendly way of handling classified information to the municipality of Linköping for two years from March 2021. The procurement may be prolonged if both parties are satisfied.

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