Outpost Client

The Outpost Client is a hardened laptop for mobile usage in networked client/server environments.

User friendly work with classified information

Access classified information in a central system through a user friendly windows based client.

Work from anywhere

The outpost Client is much like binoculars that let you see classified information from afar, via VPN. We don’t move the information to where you are, we make your eyes see all the way to where you store your information.

Access only

We remove all possibilities to use USB to reduce risk of leakage.

Flexible login

Use passwords or smartcards for secure login.


Relevant logs are continually created and transferred to the Outpost Manager for safe storage.


Present operational information
Administrators can present operational information to inform users about planned maintenance or operation disturbance.

Simple user interface
We stripped it down to the essentials. It is intuitive and flexible.

Centralized Administration
Outpost Client is joined to a Windows Domain where the system’s Outpost Manager is acting as Active Directory. The OS hardening is also controlled from Outpost Manager.

The hard drive in Outpost Clients is encrypted with Bitlocker.

VPN Ready
Outpost Client is ready for VPN integration, either as installed software or as an external physical crypto.

USB Management Ready
Outpost Client is ready for centralized control on how USB devices are used.

Smart Card Ready
Outpost Client is equipped with a built-in smart card reader which can be used if Outpost Manager is configured to support Smart Card logon.

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