Welcome Fredrik Adolfsson!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

It is with joy we announce that Fredrik is officially a part of the link22 team, an avid programer, eager to master* the field of cybersecurity.

Fredrik is a 23 year old with a bachelor's degree in programming. He has been working successfully with link22 as a consultant for the last year and both parties are now ready to take it to the next level.

We talked to Fredrik about his relationship to cybersecurity as a whole, and link22 as a company.

“I looked for a place where I can adopt responsibility and evolve myself as a software developer. I am also intrigued by working with the link22 products and customers.”

“I was a novice around cybersecurity when I started here, working alongside the experienced people here really is a pleasure. Now I am creating products that makes it easier to succeed harder to fail.”

Fredrik is hungry for knowledge, he expressed his urge to learn more about cybersecurity. His interest ranges all the way from articulated needs to delivered products. All in line with the every knowledge hungry company link22. On the subject of cybersecurity he believes the interest and need will increase over the foreseeable future, both from government, private companies and individuals.

We are very happy to strengthen the team with another knowledge hungry and ambitious individual

*it can never be mastered but the ambition too is nonetheless necessary


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