New Release Secure Access Client – version 1.7

Secure Access Client is an application that replaces the standard desktop interface on Windows.
Ny release Secure Access Client – version 1.7

The application is used in IT systems where the administrator wants to control which IT resources the user can access on their client. Two examples of IT resources are local applications on the user’s computer and virtual desktops in a data center. Secure Access Client runs in kiosk mode, i.e. takes over the entire screen, and displays resources that the user has access to. Administrators can control at a detailed level which resources are to be displayed for each user.

New features 1.7

  • A new system for hiding resources based on user location has been added. Each resource has a classification level, and the application will only display resources with a classification level no higher than the maximum allowed level in the location the user is connecting from. The users location is determined based on Active Directory sites and subnets.
  • New registry entries “Locations” and “Security Classification Levels” have been added to support the above feature.
  • Added colouring to Icons depending on their classification levels.
  • Added zoom controls for the resource view and keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl+ and Ctrl-.
  • The refresh button now refreshes resources, SCLs, locations and runs gpupdate to update group policies.
  • Made the notification bar more prominent when messages are displayed.
  • Added Shut Down button to the system menu in the bottom left.
  • Added username and location information to About menu.
  • Resource view buttons become greyed out when they cannot be used.
  • Added support for newline (\n) characters in resource names and descriptions.
Helena Gällerdal Högfeldt - COO, Chief Security Officer

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