Small Enterprise PKI

All you need to manage a small scale PKI. Fully offline with high assurance. User friendly and fully customizable through certificate templates. Take full control over user credentials with this tool.

Small scale PKI

Most PKI-tools are made for large organisations. The link22 PKI tool is a plug-n-play solution including routines and education which makes it the perfect small scale PKI tool.

Smart card access

 This tool is built to help you identify people using smart cards and to restrict access through certificates in your system.

All you need

The PKI tool supports all standard PKI events that may occur. No hassle, just plug-n-play.

Details about Small Enterprise PKI

The link22 PKI tool supports:
  • Independent (offline) root certificate issuers.
  • Automatic life cycle management of certificates.
  • Underlying certificate issuers can be independent or connected to the IT-system in question.
  • Multiple levels of certifiers.
  • Both soft and card-based certificates.
  • Templates for different types of certificates.
  • Integration with existing infrastructure, such as VPN solutions.
  • Requesting, issuing and revoking certificates in a simple user interface.
  • Role separation for administration of PKI and underlying IT solution.
  Outpost PKI tool is delivered in a turn-key-ready state with:
  • A standalone computer that acts as a root certificate issuer
  • 100 smart cards
  • A printer for producing smart cards