Customer cases

Most of our customers cannot be mentioned for security reasons, but we do have some stories we can tell.

”By leading development and implementation of effective system solutions, both in private and public sector, with demand for high security and trust. Link22 have always been a good company to have a dialogue with. They have both the competence and understand on how to take an idea to a solution.”

Patrik Nilsson – Business Development, Transformation and Security Coachstar AB

Our customer

Think state, government, municipality and private companies. Think defence industry, socially critical infrastructure, lawyers, big pharma, secret units and sensitive data. The users vary from IT-professionals, army officers, politicians, lawyers and administrators. They are all different but have high cyber security standards in common.

Energy industry

Defence industry


Water & waste management


Pharmaceutical industry


System Integrators

Municipalities & County Council

Health care


Real estate

Why choose us?

Our customers normally have to follow strict regulations and/or face serious cyber security threats. Their regulators require well documented products and they have users ranging from IT-experts to employees with zero interest in technology. This fits perfectly well with link22 since we deliver easy-to-use, well integrated, custom made and military grade cybersecurity products.

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