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    No, the hardware data diode (link22 Data Diode Zero) is a standalone component. The software can be installed either on dedicated hardware or virtually and works with any data diode.

    When the guard is used in Secure Transfer, all sending components are configured to use a Proxy (the Guard) and a Proxy certificate. The Proxy certificate is used to encrypt the import/export to the Guard, the Guard then decrypts the file, inspects it and then re-encrypt it to the end user.

    All components can be used standalone or together. If you as an example only need a dedicated import station but no inspection (Guard), that is no problem.

    No, you can use almost any smart card that has a minidriver on Windows. If you have a smartcard solutions that works with Windows AD-login, it can most certainly be used in Secure Transfer.

    The link22 Guard supports both encrypted and cleartext flows. An agent can produce a cleartext format without any PKI that can be inspected in the Guard.

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