Standalone Client

Realize your work securely through Outpost, a standalone workstation designed to meet the strictest legal requirements. Use our offline laptops and computers for strict security. Outpost is an off-the-grid computer that takes cybersecurity and IT security to the next level, making it an efficient solution for information security.

Enhance your security with a single user system

Security is more than just passwords and firewalls. In today’s digital landscape, you need robust solutions capable of handling both predictable and unforeseen challenges. This isolated workstation meets tough legal requirements. Outpost provides this by combining a single user system with state-of-the-art technology. Whether you’re at the office or in the field, you can trust that your information is protected.

Simple, effective, and secure

Outpost is more than just a standalone single user computer; it’s a secure workstation devoid of communication abilities. Outpost is a simple and effective solution to complex cybersecurity issues, offering solid protection against data breaches and ensuring information security.

The standalone secure workstation

Outpost offers the ultimate security solution – being completely disconnected. As a secure standalone workstation, Outpost gives you control over your data transfer. You choose whether your Outpost is to work with some USBs or no USBs. You choose to allow certain USBs to send information and certain USBs to receive information. It’s an isolated system developed to create a safe environment for information management.

The pros of being disconnected

The single user computer Outpost is perfect for temporary investigations and managing highly sensitive databases in, for example, public institutions. It’s the perfect solution for storing designs for a sensitive infrastructure project or evidence for an ongoing criminal investigation. It’s popular within the defense industry, municipalities, critical societal infrastructure, and more.
Daniel Lester - Business & Marketing Manager, Business Area Manager Solutions

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Details about Outpost

Outpost HP Xbook Power G7
  • Built to meet the requirements of the Security Protection Act and ensure the protection of secure documents

  • Delivered with documentation to simplify the approval process for reviewing authorities

  • Delivered with installed and activated software

  • The Outpost also includes

    • Operating system and application hardening
    • Authentication and access control
    • Security logging
    • Backup and archiving
    • Security and software updates
    • Support
  • Hardened multifunktion printer
  • Encrypted Archive disk
  • Encrypted Flash drive
  • Blue-ray burner
  • MFA Token
  • Administrator Education