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It is our mission to build attainable high assurance cybersecurity solutions and make them accessible to everyone.

Conny Ljungqvist - CEO
+46 70 961 06 06 Linkedin

We require top quality in every delivery, both internally and externally. I believe this is why people here find their everyday life meaningful and hold a certain pride.

Linda Östberg - CFO
+46 707 75 78 06 Linkedin

The most exciting part of my job at link22 is that I can combine my interest in technology while creating a safer society.

Andreas Karström - CTO
+46 70 422 88 34 Linkedin

I prefer quality over quantity and so does link22, that is why I enjoy link22. There is always a new challenge for me here, which is also a thing I enjoy. My role changes constantly.

Noomi Almeflo - Project Manager
+46 13 462 02 23 Linkedin

For me link22 is challenging and that is good for my development. I also feel at home here. I get to be involved in the full process which gives me a broad understanding within cybersecurity.

Niklas Amnebratt - Business Area Manager CDS
+46 72 921 59 97 Linkedin

For me, it is values first. I share link22s philosophy regarding leadership, work environment, work - life balance and how treat each others as human beings. The fact that we make the world safer is a bonus.

Rebecka Carlbergh - Project Manager
+46 72 660 35 51 Linkedin

The interest for cybersecurity has exploded and I am very happy to work at link22. I have the best colleagues and work with the best products. We will continue to protect customers' assets!

Helena Gällerdal Högfeldt - Business & Sales Manager
+46 73 043 61 27 Linkedin

I find cybersecurity exciting because it combines technical solutions and hard to measure-subjectives around a company's overall organisation from the perspective of security. We are small enough so that your everyday work makes a tangible difference to the company and competent enough to be at the very forefront of cybersecurity.

Erik Boström - Chief Security Officer
+46 73 99 71 629 Linkedin

Cybersecurity is without borders and beyond space. The same goes for link22; work is something you do, not a place you visit.

Peter Lingsberg - Support
+46 70 868 54 57 Linkedin

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