Impex Client

Link22 Impex Clients enables secure import and export of data from digital media into a secure system. Utilizing link22 designed Kiosk Application, the import and export are tied to the user by cryptographic means ensuring full accountability.

User Friendly

Designed for ease of use with wizard style graphical user interface requiring minimal training. Drag-and-drop is supported. Both windows and Kiosk mode are supported.

Security First

Files are encrypted and signed before being sent over the data diode to the secure system.


A part of link22 Secure File Transfer

link22 Import and Export clients are a part of link22 Secure Transfer, providing advanced functionality such as:

  • Importing to multiple domains within the secure system
  • Content inspection by link22 Data Guard, allowing import authorization for individual users
  • Imported files can only be read in the secure domain by the user who imported the file