Thin Client

link22 Outpost Access Terminal is a hardened lightweight computer running link22 kiosk application that restricts access control and prevent information leakage.

Secure virtual desktops in your office

Outpost Access Terminal is our answer to the need for thin clients, adapted for stationary placement within your office environment. Outpost Access Terminal implements a role-based access control. The standard Windows Desktop is replaced with a simplified interface where you will be presented with a selection of applications that you are authorized to use. Typically, this means a set of links to virtual desktop environments.

Access to the essentials

The access client replaces the regular desktop interface and presents the user with only the applications and virtual desktops they have access to. Operating in kiosk mode, the client occupies the entire screen. Access resources are consistently virtualized from a data center, ensuring a secure and user-friendly virtual desktop interface.

How Outpost Access Terminal works?

1 – Hardened thin client

link22 hardware is locked down to Swedish government standards, encompassing configuration group policies, security logs, services, and more.

2 – Kiosk application

link22 Secure Access Client is installed on the thin client and configured to restrict access to the appropriate domain or application.

3 – Central management

link22 Outpost Manager is an application installed on the central server responsible for managing access, users, and groups within the system.

Details about Outpost Access Terminal

Kiosk Mode:
From the Outpost Access Terminal, users can initiate a limited number of sessions to the central IT unit, such as remote sessions to one or more virtual desktop environments.

No Local Storage:
Outpost Access Terminal does not store any information locally. This is achieved by utilizing the Microsoft Windows thin client solution.

Central Management:
Outpost Access Terminal is centrally managed from Outpost Manager. Built on Microsoft Server with Active Directory enabled, hardened, and customized to handle central management of:

  • USB devices
  • user management
  • access clients
  • network access

PKI Ready:
The Outpost client comes with a built-in smart card reader.

Central Administration:
Applications are centrally configured through Outpost Manager. Built on Microsoft Server with Active Directory enabled, hardened, and customized to manage a secure access solution.

User Notifications:
Administrators can inform users about operational events such as planned maintenance or service disruptions.

User-Friendly Interface:
We have streamlined everything to focus on the essentials. It’s intuitive and flexible.

Solutions come with a user manual, administrator guide, ITSS documentation, and training materials.”

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