Join our fast growing team in the pursuit of an ever safer and more efficient cyber world. We are growing and the cybersecurity market is growing as well. All in all; now is a great time to get onboard.

It is our mission to make high assurance cybersecurity solutions affordable and easy to use.

Our vision is to be the given choice when governments and corporations look for a way to protect their most sensitive assets.

education forever

Being at the forefront of cybersecurity requires us to learn from the best and to invent like the best. link22 is a place for deep technical knowledge and we expect you to learn from us but also contribute and invent with us.

Our customers range from military, government and private corporations. This makes our sales department a fast track into technical sales toward the entire market. Our market is huge, we are looking for those who never settle.

We are growing fast and reorganizing continuously. This makes us a managerial challenge to build and learn from. Sometimes chaotic, always educational.

Kevin Kvissberg

After graduating as a high school engineer in 2022, I took a job at link22. Right from the start, the company has invested in me and my development. Being able to take responsibility and be challenged makes work fun, and I also feel valuable to the company.

Kevin Kvissberg
IT-technician Cybersecurity

I enjoy the fast paced environment at link22. The CEO is just two doors down and I am highly influential in many things affecting the company and my every day work. There is also a constant pressure to stay ahead of the never sleeping bad guys who try to break in to our customers' IT-systems.

Rickard Löfgren
Enterprise Security Architect

Rickard Löfgren
Alexander link22

A big advantage of working at link22 is the variation of problems to solve, some are familiar and some completely new. This, combined with the encouraging environment, has resulted in rapid development of my competence as an engineer.

Alexander Källström
Software Developer

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