Recruitment process without compromise

We deliver uncompromising cybersecurity. Quality and precision drive everything we do, including our recruitment process.

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Selection Process

We evaluate how well your application matches the task. What you’ve done in the past is important, and what you aspire to do in the future is equally crucial. Your passion and drive are significant factors.

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We’ll meet at our office for an interview. You’ll get a chance to look around and form an impression of us. We’ll ask about your past experiences and your future aspirations. While we’ll focus mainly on your professional background, we’d also like to learn a bit about you personally. You’ll have the opportunity to ask us questions as well.

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Meet with colleagues

You’ll meet your potential colleagues in a relaxed setting, giving you the chance to discuss both work and leisure. You’ll have the opportunity to ask more questions to understand link22 and the assignment in detail. In this step, everyone involved gets the chance to ensure there is a cultural fit.

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Security Vetting

Our policies require you to undergo a security screening.

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The Offer

If you’ve made it this far, we believe you’ll thrive with us both professionally and personally. We also believe you’ll contribute to link22’s ongoing mission to deliver uncompromising cybersecurity.

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During your initial period at link22, you’ll be assigned a mentor to ensure you have a great start. The rest of the onboarding process is tailored to your specific role.

Your first days with us

At link22, we’re a small company, and we all need to contribute to the big picture. To achieve this, you’ll spend your initial days learning about each department. At the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know those working in other teams. After all, we’re all equal at the coffee machine!

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