Meetings are easily hacked through eavesdropping. Wire-tapping a phone is the absolute easiest way to infiltrate a private meeting. Phones are a huge distraction in every context and a problem for secure meetings. The solution to this problem is a simple and elegant box.

Phones are microphones

Every cell phone is a security risk. Even in offline mode, a phone can be used to eavesdrop in on meetings. With malicious intent or not, any recording can go astray. In every phone sits third parties with access to the microphone. Someone with interest in discussed information may have hacked the meeting participants’ phones. A disgruntled employee may be recording to use the information at his or her own advantage. An employee with financial trouble may be black mailed into recording information.

Sound masking and soundproof

link22 Shield is a soundproof and sound masking box designed to eliminate the risk of eavesdropping. Shield is placed in meeting rooms where sensitive information is exchanged. During meetings, participants place their phones in Shield to be able to converse with reduced risk of eavesdropping.

Secure Meeting Rooms

The immediate solution. Meeting participants put their phones in Shield and the meeting is secured. Phones are within sight but without the possibility to record. All in line with the Swedish Security Service recommendation for protection against phone recordings in meeting environments.

Secure & focused meetings

The mere presence of a phone is distracting. Both visible phones and phones that vibrate in pockets disturb the participants’ concentration. Securely storing phones in link22 Shield may therefore lead to more focused meetings. In addition to increased focus, Shield also sends an important message to meeting participants “With us, you can feel secure, as we take security and privacy seriously.” Shield enhances security, allows meeting participants to focus, and gives a professional impression.

Designed, built & certified in Sweden

Shield has double eavesdropping protection; Soundproofing and sound masking. It is sound proofed with the same principles as a music studio, to prevent sound and vibrations from entering the box. The sound masking is achieved through advanced technology that enables Shield to play a steady but unpredictable sound within the box.

Rigorous sound proofing

Isolation. Shield is designed to suppress speech sounds from entering the box via sound isolation features. These features also prevent the sound generated inside Shield from exiting the box. Sound can be transmitted through air as well as structures. Shield reduces sound for both ways of transmission.

Reducing air leakage. Air leakage is reduced via seals, anti-vibration grommets, aluminum lid and magnet closing components.

Vibration dampening. Vibrations are dampened via an inside box mounted on silicon pads(vibration isolator), rubber feet, dampening material and rubber seals.

Tested. Shield is the quietest noise canceling box on the market, only emitting less than 23 dB(A) of sound at 1 meter from the box. 1

1 Creo Dynamic AB “sound isolation and Acceptance criteria – link22 Shield”, 2017.

Advanced sound masking

Shield Sound Masking. It is of vital importance that sensitive information never reaches the microphones. Shield has a noise box that is built into its interior cabin. The sound box consists of two small speakers and a bass reflex channel. The speakers are positioned to create maximum effect.

Mimicking human speech. Through detailed testing, a bass reflex channel has been calibrated to ensure the sound box produces a sound at the lower Hertz level that matches and therefore masks human speech.

Randomized pink noise. To ensure the sound cannot be reverse engineered and removed from the recording, Shield plays a three-layered randomised sound algorithm that consists of a random (pink) noise and several synthetic voices. 

Customisable. The sound masking can be played at two different volumes allowing the security team to customise it to the environment.

Tested. Shield has been subject to testing in an independent acoustic laboratory. The tests confirm that Shield effectively stops devices from eavesdropping. The full report will be sent upon request.

Easy-to-use & tamper resistant

Hacking Shield. A compromised noise box could result in the noise box itself being used as a microphone allowing the attacker to listen to the sensitive information being discussed. 

Less attack vectors. Built and tested by link22’s cybersecurity experts, Shield is designed to be tamper resistant. A simple but vital step is to ensure no unnecessary attack vectors are implemented, for example USB ports or microphones. Color, shape and materials are chosen to make it difficult to tamper with Shield without leaving a clear visible mark.

Security features

  • Power loss signal indicator 
  • Active light indication system
  • Tamper evident labels (intrusion detection)
  • Kensington lock port
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Detaljer om Shield

Dimensions (WxDxH):

Inner dimensions (WxDxH):

Power Supply:
110V or 240V

Room for 12 devices

The purpose of Shield is to minimize the risk for wiretapping. Anyone who has a phone can be wiretapped and everyone has a phone. We believe this is the easiest way to infiltrate a meeting and steal secrets. Even innocent recordings are a risk because they are often stored in the subject’s phone.

Shield solves this problem the old fashion way, by blocking sound and making sound. The box is soundproof to block any sound from entering the box. The inside of the box has speakers that make noise to dilute any noise that theoretically can enter the box (even though it is soundproof).

Shield lets your meeting attendees focus harder while still having their phone in a safe place. It also symbolizes how serious you are about security and integrity.

Companies and governments with security protection agreements are expected to be able to offer meetings where the risk of eavesdropping is reduced. Shield is also of interest to parties that don’t have security protection agreements but still handle sensitive data in meetings. For example governments, municipalities, lawyers, security companies, embassies and more.

The meeting attendees.

Primarily minimize eavesdropping and distraction at meetings. It also acts as a symbol for security and integrity.

Seemingly “turned off” phones can be activated without touch and may also contain malicious software. A person who consciously wants to record the meeting can also easily say that the phone is switched off without it actually being so.

It is the standard non-professional solution. People who attend highly sensitive meetings sometimes cannot leave their phone out of sight for security reasons. This means the solution has to be in the room.

No. It is a very easy to use and discrete product that fits perfectly in any meeting room. Shield has plenty of room for tablets and phones. The box is soundproof. The inside has speakers that play noise when the box is closed. A green lamp indicates that the box is actively making noise.

The box, a cord and an instruction folder. 

Unbox, plug-n-play!

We do believe that no phone that is in the activated Shield can be used as a wiretap.