A national safety discussion secured by Shield

A meeting between military Officers and the ministry of defense is held with security support from Shield
En Shield-skyddad diskussion om Sveriges säkerhet

Mobile phones are relatively easy to use for eavesdropping on meetings. Phones are therefore an attractive target for foregin powers who want to conduct espionage. They can be hacked through downloaded apps that have access to the microphone and by physically getting a hold of the phone to install malicious software. This means that a phone should never be left out of sight and that a phone never should be laying around during a meeting where sensitive information is discussed. An obvious cyber security conundrum.

Safety meeting

Shield is our solution to this problem, a noise-box especially developed to make phones less of a security risk. Here is an example of how Shield can be useful in a meeting between politicians and national defense.

Two high ranked officers have a meeting with the defense ministry and two politicians from the ruling party. None of the participants want to leave their phone out of sight as it is a security risk for them. They enter the meeting room and put their phones in Shield. One of the politicians has a smartwatch that she puts in the Shield. The meeting is held at full discretion.

Read more about Shield here.

Daniel Lester - Business & Marketing Manager, Business Area Manager Solutions

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