Security compromise

Storage, communication, physical meetings, virtual desktops, video meetings, off the grid-solutions, import, export, cross domain-solutions, access control, network security... Whatever it is, we do not compromise with security.

Innovation for usability

We help others make the most out of a connected society, without compromising security. Our mission is to develop previously complicated, hard-to-use-products and make them accessible and affordable to everyone.

An ecosystem of technologies

Architecture is at our core. We pick the best technologies and make them work together. Rather than developing everything from scratch, we continuously pick the best solutions and put them together. We make the best solutions work together in a dream team of technologies.

Secure & functional IT

We help public and private actors with highly secure IT-solutions. Our deliveries range from stand alone products to full scale systems. Some are military, some are government, some are large private corporations. They all prioritize security. We meet military level requirements, strict laws and custom wishes from nishe customers.

The link22 architecture

We combine standard components (COTS) to build secure, user friendly and up to date IT-systems.

link22 architecture

Secure Access
Users are given access to user desktops in enclosed information domains on a need-to-know basis.

All logs are collected and sent to a central Security Operations Center for log analysis.

Secure Transfer
Import, export and transfer of data with customizable content inspection. All transfers are strongly tied to users.

Administration is performed from hardened clients and access is granted based on role.

Natural function growth as COTS mature

Natural function growth as COTS mature

Easier accreditation

No need for costly in-house development

Shorter time to go-live

Use of supported components

The Architecture in detail

The architecture in detail

Always on the move

Cybersecurity is a continuous race and the bad guys learn fast. Our architecture philosophy lets us update solutions piece by piece as new solutions emerge. We hire newly graduated IT-talents because we know they know things that our more experienced people don't. We have some of the world's most picky customers and their demands keep us on our toes. But most importantly we have a deep personal interest and passion for cybersecurity.

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