Secure Access Client

link22 Secure Access is a simple and secure solution for the modern digital workplace. Enhance your remote desktop environment by integrating Role-based Access Control through the link22 Secure Kiosk application.

Role-based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) assigns permissions to users based on their roles within an organization, streamlining access management, reducing security risks, and ensuring users only have access to necessary resources.

Kiosk Mode

The secure kiosk application allows users to initiate a limited number of sessions to the central IT environment, such as remote sessions to one or multiple virtual desktop environments.

Flexible to your infrastructure

Remote access over the internet requires encryption. Different organizations have different requirements. Secure Remote Access can integrate with any encryption solution or remote desktop infrastructure.

Easy to Administer

Implementing kiosk mode on a computer simplifies the user experience and streamlines administrative tasks. It restricts access to specific functions, reducing errors and unauthorized access. For administrators, it offers efficient device management and enhanced security by limiting user access. Overall, kiosk mode optimizes productivity and security for both users and administrators.

Designed for Security

Thin clients connect to centralized servers, reducing local data storage and processing, while kiosk mode limits user access to specific functions, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized actions and malicious code. Centralized management and strict access controls create enhanced security for organizations looking to protect their data and systems effectively.


This solution is scalable as it can be easily adapted to meet increased demands and needs over time. By implementing kiosk mode on more devices, organizations can expand and grow without compromising the security and efficiency of the system.

Details about Secure Access Client

Secure Access Client is an application that displays resources, remote desktops, and programs that the user is authorized to access. link22 Secure Access Client is used to initiate remote sessions with computers and to launch programs. Users can only start remote sessions and programs for which they have authorization.

Kiosk Mode:
Secure Access Client is configured to display resources, i.e., applications that the user has access to and can run. Resources can be made available depending on the location from which the user connects, as different locations may be restricted to a specific classification level.

User Notification:
Administrators can inform users about operational events such as scheduled maintenance or service disruptions.

User-Friendly Interface:
We’ve stripped away everything but the essentials. It’s intuitive and flexible.

PKI Support:
Compatible with smart card solutions.

Hardened Screen Settings:
Users can manage screen settings without accessing Windows’ built-in settings, as it would break security isolation.