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Six new sharp brains at link22

Six new sharp brains at link22

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

The world is still in the process of being digitized and it does not seem to slow down any time soon. At link22, we are continuously moving forward towards new challenges. We are therefore very happy to announce that we have recruited six new sharp brains. This will enable us to keep up the pace and it will enrich the link22 culture!

Welcome; Elis Hallqvist, Kevin Kvissberg, Joakim Forsberg, Karl E., Björn Knuthammar and Peter Alvarsson.

We are grateful to receive this much knowledge and eager to offer a workplace full of possibilities. Cybersecurity is a growing industry and the engagement has never been higher.

A deeper presentation of each individual will follow later this fall.

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We welcome Kevin Kvissberg to link22!

We welcome Kevin Kvissberg to link22!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Kevin previously had an internship at link22 and after completing his assignment was given employment with us. Now he assumes the role of IT technician.

Why did you choose link22?

Being able to be part of the work towards a safer Sweden through the work at link22 is an exciting and important assignment. My interest in IT and the assignment that link22 offers is a perfect combination for me. During my internship and my summer job at link22, the goal was to continue and now I am ready to develop forward together with competent colleagues.

We are happy to have you on the team, Kevin!

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Thanks for sec-t

Thanks for sec-t!

Every year, the cybersecurity elite meet at Münchenbryggeriet to share knowledge, solve problems, compete and mingle. Link22 has been a gold sponsor for many years and this year was no exception.We are very proud to support a fantastic community driven by a love for knowledge, progress and security.


Thanks sec-t, for motivation, mingle, knowledge, idéas and smiles!


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We welcome Elis Hallqvist to link22!

We welcome Elis Hallqvist to link22!

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Elis has previous experience with link22 through internships and summer jobs. He is a familiar face and now assumes the role of IT technician after completing his studies.

Why did you choose link22?

Being part of link22 feels right to me. I have had an internship here and know the business from before. We share the ambition to develop the company and create new ways of working, it feels good to be part of a team and work with like-minded people.

I look forward to developing my competence in cyber security and finding the right solutions that meet our customers' high security requirements.

We are happy to have you on the team, Elis!

Time for Sec-t, the deep knowledge cybersecurity conference

Time for Sec-t, the deep knowledge cybersecurity conference

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

Those with the most profound and deep interest in cybersecurity meet every year at Munchenbrygeriet in Stockholm. The Sec-t-conference is solely focused on cybersecurity and hacking. It is a deep-knowledge week of talks and Q&As, education events, mingling at the fair square and AWs. Some of the talk headlines are:


Colorful Vulnerabilities – How changing the colors of your keyboard might lead to privilege escalation

I See What You’re Watching on SVT Play: Fast Identification of DASH Encrypted Network Traces

Hacking your dishwasher, or cloudless Home Connect appliances

Project TEMPA – Demystifying Tesla’s Bluetooth Passive Entry System


Sec-t is a fun and important conference created by volunteering enthusiasts driven by a hunger for knowledge and will to make the world safer. We are therefore very proud and happy to announce that we have been given, and accepted, the chance to be gold sponsors. We look forward to meeting the very core of Swedish Cybersecurity to learn, inspire and have fun.


We are there from the15th to the 16th of september, see you there!


Read more and buy tickets here.



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Shield protecting client information at a law firm

Shield protecting client information at a law firm

Earn trust with superior meeting room security through Shield

Mobile phones are relatively easy to use for eavesdropping on meetings. They are therefore an attractive target for hackers who aim to sell or use valuable information. Phones can be hacked through downloaded apps that have access to the microphone and by physically getting a hold of the phone to install malicious software. This means that a phone should never be left out of sight and that a phone never should be laying around during a meeting where sensitive information is discussed. An obvious cyber security conundrum.

Shield protecting client

Shield is our solution to this problem, a noise-box especially developed to make phones less of a security risk. Here is an example of how Shield protection can help a law firm win the trust of an important client.

A large corporation is about to sign a partnership agreement with a law firm to handle everything from patents to M&As. The law firm explains to their guests that phones are a major security risk and their security policy requires everyone to put their phones in Shield before any business is discussed. The potential client is impressed by the seriousness of the law firm and decides that they are by far the most reliable long term partner.

Read more about Shield here.

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!
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Webinar cybersäkerhet

New Release of Secure Transfer 22Q2

link22 Secure Transfer 22Q2 is released as of today, 220708.
Secure Transfer will be used as a common concept for the overall link22 CDS solution.
Visit link22 customer portal to download new software and documents

What does the new release contain?

  • A new integration guide has been created to facilitate the installation of complete solutions.

Secure Transfer 22Q2 main improvements:

  • CDS Transfer Applications v3.11 with increased stability and improved configuration. It’s now possible to send files to multiple destinations via the Secure Send Agent.
  • Diode Proxy v3.6 with improved disk management and stability. Easier to upgrade from previous versions.
  • Diode Syslog v1.4 has increased the ability to handle more log flows at the same time, improved installation and extended function in audit logging.
  • DTM v3.1 improved stability.

Unchanged but integration tested with ST22Q2:

Contact us at for questions.

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Hanna Karlström

Welcome Hanna Karlström

Welcome Hanna Karlström

Welcome Henrik Nilsson!

We welcome Hanna Karlström to link22 as the new Chief Security Officer & Development Manager!

Hanna most recently comes from management positions within NFC/The Swedish Police Authority and the Swedish Security Service and has previously worked with R&D within Ericsson for many years.

Why did you choose link22?

For me, it is important to contribute to a safer Sweden. link22, a company at the absolute forefront of cybersecurity, feels just right. Security issues, business development and taking on challenges with competent and committed colleagues are close to my heart. We're a team at link22.

In my spare time, in addition to family, SUP canoeing, road cycling/spinning and hiking apply.

We are very happy to have you on board Hanna!

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diode proxy ikon

New Release Data Diode Proxy 3.5

New Release - Data Diode Proxy 3.5

diode proxy ikon

link22 launches a new version of  Data Diode Proxy 3.5 where we continue to be at the forefront of IT-security and reliable data transfer.

The new version gives even better control over the data flow. Based on our customers needs and the possibilities of technology, our developers have made the product smarter and more powerful for a more secure flow.

Now the flow is more resistant towards operational disruptions or interruptions that contribute to your business becoming less vulnerable.

Major new functions:

  • Existing flow is monitored via " Single point of failure protection" to scan detect any interruptions.
  • Redundancy via failovers, troubleshooting function to maintain a seamless operating flow. 

Read more about Data Diode Proxy  here.

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link22 earned quality certification ISO 9001:2015 by Swedac Ackreditering.


Quality is of essence within cybersecurity. This may sound obvious but it is not always intuitive until you compare quality with quantity and the nature of the relationship between defence and offence.

The attacker can try over and over again until breach is reached. This implies that quantity (trying many times with different strategies) is a useful strategy. The opposite is true for the defender. Every attack needs to be warded off successfully. The standard of the defence must exceed the standard of every attack. Something very alike the definition of quality. Any weak spot in the defence will eventually be exposed if the attacker just tries enough variations of attacks.

Society is being more digitized, the number of data streams increases and the sum value of all things digital has never been this large. The incentives for cybercrime heighten fast and the attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated. High quality and continuous improvement is therefore crucial for success within cybersecurity.

Link22 once again received a quality certificate of ISO 9001:2015 accreditation from Swedac Ackreditering.

About ISO 9001:2015 from

ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization:
a) needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and
b) aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic and are intended to be applicable to any organization, regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides.on, regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides.

We find third party verification very useful within security. Under our product area cross domain solutions we offer the product Countersign. The product lets an organisation condition file transport based on third party signatures. This aligns with our own way of verifying our quality by third party verification, this time manifesting as ISO 9001:2015.

Read more about countersign here

Book a demo of our products here

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