link22 Launches Diode TCP Connector: Secure Streaming of TCP Data Over Data Diodes

link22 introduces a new product, the Diode TCP Connector, enabling secure streaming of TCP data over a physical data diode. This innovation provides a secure solution for channeling external data streams into an offline IT environment or exporting sensor data and logs from a power facility.
link22 lanserar Diode TCP Connector: säker strömning av TCP-data över datadiod

Secure Streaming of TCP Data Over Data Diode

link22 is proud to present our latest product, the Diode TCP Connector. This software allows for the secure transmission of TCP data over a physical data diode without compromising security. The product consists of two applications, one running upstream of the diode and one on the downstream side.

Use Cases for Diode TCP Connector

The Diode TCP Connector can be used to securely capture an external data stream and channel it into an offline domain. It can also be used to export sensor data and logs from a power facility through a diode, ensuring that no malicious software can travel in the opposite direction.

Support for Both UDP and TCP Streaming

The Diode TCP Connector supports both UDP and TCP data streaming over a diode. The application supports multiple concurrent streams, making it a flexible solution for various use cases.

link22 – A Pioneer in Data Diode Software

link22 has long been a pioneer in data diode software. Our software works with all data diodes, regardless of the manufacturer. We have long supported file transfer over a diode, and it is gratifying that we can now also handle streaming TCP data securely and efficiently, says Marcus Ekbäck, Business Area Manager for Cross Domain Solutions at link22.

To learn more about how the Diode TCP Connector can improve your organization’s cybersecurity, visit our product page for Data Diode Zero.

Marcus Ekbäck - Business Area Manager CDS

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