Data Diode Zero

The 1200€ data diode, with the same level of security.

My way or no way

The cheapest and safest way to set up a one way door for data. The fiber optics in Data Diode Zero are built so that it is physically impossible to reverse the data flow.

Confidentiality or integrity

Set your Data Diode Zero for communication in one direction. Combine with software for importing and exporting files with inspection.

Bridge the air gap

Data diodes is the hardcore way to solve data transfer security problems. It is the best way to let data in or let data out without opening up your system.


Air-gapping can be achieved by separating two systems with Data Diode Zero. This ensures, physically, that data can only flow in one direction. Data Diode Zero provides a separation with higher assurance than other mechanisms, such as firewalls.

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