We are all about cyber security. We help militaries, governments and companies with cross domain solutions, data transfer (import & export), file- & data inspection, virtualization, virtual desktops, access control, network segmentation, on premise clouds, air gapped solutions, export control, import control, authentication, authorization, endpoint security, data encryption, off the grid-solutions, and more.


We are growing and searching for a new security minded colleague to help us strengthen Sweden’s cybersecurity. link22 offers a vibrant workplace with some of the industry’s most experienced and competent minds. If you are looking for a challenge and develop your knowledge within cybersecurity, join us!

We are digital security

We safeguard infrastructure that is critical for society with sophisticated cybersecurity. We protect data that is sensitive to individuals. We support secret missions for national defence. We deliver products in the thin threshold between harsh cyber threats, strict regulations and narrow user needs. We learn from the most exposed customers with the toughest cases. We deliver to everyone. We have refined our view on system architecture, it-systems and data security for over 15 years.

Our customers

Think state, government, municipality and private companies. Think defence industry, socially critical infrastructure, lawyers, big pharma, secret units and sensitive data. We serve IT-professionals, army officers, politicians, lawyers and administrators. They all have one thing in common; requirements for high cyber security standards.

Featured products


We are specialists on standalone workstations. Outpost is a custom built security computer to be completely off the grid. An isolated system with military grade security. Cybersecurity at the extreme, as private as it gets.

Access Security

Imagine secure remote work with central access management. Managed, secured and hosted on premise. We deliver sophisticated information security to handle the most extreme cases. Our access security suite supports multilevel security, remote work, countersignatures and much more. We believe that you can and should have complete network control.

Transfer Security

Secure transfer for anything digital. Including one-way-transfer data diodes, file inspecting firewall, countersign function, secure print and more. Use our 24/7 356 digital guard with advanced filtering to control and restrict information transfer. You no longer have to choose between user friendly and secure.