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A brief page about how we came about and such.

Conny Ljungqvist and Andreas Karström left their positions at a large IT-firm in 2006. This is a classic story. They had learned a lot, like you do at a large IT-firm, but things were slowing down. They were done with basic cases, they wanted something more, something bigger. Conny and Andreas both had great knowledge about cybersecurity and they started link22 with the mission to make highly secure IT-systems accessible and useful for everyone.


The first years were exclusively about consultancy and custom cases. Their customers had complex cybersecurity situations with serious threats and tough regulations. These cases made link22 experts in high level security. As the number of customers, industries, user types, regulations and threats grew their knowledge broadened. As time passed they also realized that it was expensive for their customers to tackle cyberthreats with custom built systems and endless IT-consultancy hours.

Andreas and Conny started to investigate if they could build secure IT-systems by combining standard components with smart software. It is called security by design and if it is done right you get highly secure systems to a fraction of the cost.

By the year 2014 link22 has seen enough cases to know what most customers needed in terms of products, implementation and support. This is when their first products were launched.

By now link22 have a wide range of products in a portfolio adapted, implemented and used by customers from all industries. The process for analysing a customer situation, delivering a turn key solution and getting it approved by regulators have been refined to near perfection. But link22 knows perfection is momentary and everything has to be better than yesterday. Today, link22 is a fast growing, high end, cyber security company with grand ambitions and great hunger.

Conny Ljungqvist

Conny Ljungqvist - CEO

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