Cross Domain Solutions

Certain files should be transferable, some should not. Certain files can be transferred if they do not contain sensitive information. Some files are only transferred if they are signed. Some files can be exported but not imported, or vice versa. We are experts in cross domain solutions and can offer turnkey products in this domain.

Transfer without open doors

Set up one-way-only-transfers with our data diodes. Allow an administrator to retrieve valuable temperature data from a nuclear power plant in real-time without opening a path for malware that could jeopardize the entire power plant’s functionality. Enable forensic investigators to upload evidence for an investigation without allowing already uploaded evidence to be exported, destroyed, or tampered with.

Inspect every file

Computers are good for general cases, repetitions that can be categorized. We live in a specific world, and computers are not enough. With our countersigning feature, humans and machines work together for maximum security. Enforce a third party to sign files before export is approved.

Humans for special cases

Computers are good for general cases. People are made for special occasions. Use our Countersign feature and require a third person signature to transfer sensitive files from designated locations. Humans and computers working together with cross domain security. Tailored for export control.

Smooth and secure

link22’s security products are designed for usability. Everything from integration, usage, support, and updates is developed to make life as easy as possible for users, purchasers, and security managers. We deliver features that are secure, not security as a feature.


Marcus Ekbäck - Business Area Manager CDS

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