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link22 Standard is a secure IT solution. The product is a comprehensive solution developed for customers with different sets of requirements but with the same high demands for security, often with additional requirements for approval from regulatory authorities. The solution is based on a concept that has become a general template for secure systems. In this case, the concept includes link22 products together with suitable COTS products.

Solid IT architecture

link22 Standard is a composition of our four main areas of expertise, that includes secure transfer, secure access, administration, and monitoring. The basic version comes with everything an organisation needs to work efficiently in a secure environment.


Every organisation is unique, and adaptation is essential for maintaining both security and efficiency. Therefore, we supplement the link22 Standard with additional features by implementing industry-standard components. One of the fundamental advantages of the link22 Standard is its modular architecture. The ability to replace and update parts of the system facilitates maintenance and ongoing improvements. It also increases the possibility of complementing the system with IT products from other suppliers. When the landscape changes and a new function is needed, it can be implemented, whether it is link22 or someone else who best delivers it.

User-friendly for all

The link22 Standard is made for large public organisations, small niche businesses, and everything in between. Built for high security, efficiency, and user-friendliness, we have developed the link22 Standard for regular users working in an environment with high-security requirements. The user will feel at home in a familiar Windows environment, with all essential basic functions such as document management, storage, web access, email, and more. The link22 Standard can be used equally well in a large pharmaceutical company, a government agency, or a law firm.

Plug n’ play

link22 Standard is a carefully selected composition of standard components complemented by user-friendly software. The core is built and configured in our production facility and then placed in your office or other location of your choice. At delivery, we plug in the power and press start. Simple and secure.

Approval by regulatory authorities

Several of our customers require approval from regulatory authorities prior to deployment of their IT systems. Our extensive experience and familiarity with working with a variety of customers, requirements, and regulatory bodies make us a reliable partner. We know what is required in terms of functionality and documentation to meet the required standards. Our understanding of the bigger picture regarding IT systems with regulatory requirements enables us to assist our customers with questions that inevitably arise during these processes. We also have a good understanding of lead times for all involved parties.
Daniel Lester - Business & Marketing Manager, Business Area Manager Solutions

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We combine standard components (COTS) to build secure, user friendly and up to date IT-systems.
link22 architecture

Secure Access

Users are given access to user desktops in enclosed information domains on a need-to-know basis.


 All logs are collected and sent to a central Security Operations Center for log analysis.

Secure Transfer

Import, export and transfer of data with customizable content inspection. All transfers are strongly tied to users.


Administration is performed from hardened clients and access is granted based on role.
Natural function growth as COTS mature
Easier accreditation
No need for costly in-house development
Shorter time to go-live
Use of supported components

The Architecture in detail

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