We Welcome Kristina Wibäck to link22!

We are proud to welcome Kristina Wibäck to our growing team. With her extensive experience from major companies like Ericsson and SAAB, Kristina will bring valuable expertise to link22.
Vi välkomnar Kristina Wibäck till link22!

Kristina Wibäck – a project manager focused on quality

Kristina Wibäck, an experienced project manager from Linköping, now joins our team at link22. Kristina has an impressive background with over 20 years of experience at Ericsson and seven years at SAAB. She has worked with everything from quality responsibility to development projects, product catalogs and has also acted as an administrative leader. Kristina steps in as the project manager for link22’s SAP team. She will be working with both internal support and production.

Management and quality – key competencies for link22

Kristina’s experience in quality control will be very valuable to link22. She strongly believes in the importance of doing things right from the beginning and continuously improving the quality of the work performed. Kristina thinks that her previous work with quality control will contribute significantly to link22’s work in cybersecurity. Her experience with the rapid development from GSM to 3G at Ericsson speaks of a receptivity to innovation, which is key at link22.

Leisure – fitness and family

When Kristina is not working, she dedicates her time to fitness and her family. She is active in BodyCombat and has previously trained in judo. She also has a fondness for being out in nature and enjoys going into the forest alone to pick mushrooms. If, like Kristina, you find it meaningful to protect a well-functioning society, we would love to receive your application. Visit our career page to learn more.
Helena Gällerdal Högfeldt - COO, Chief Security Officer

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