Sensitive data within the municipality of Umeå

The municipality of Umeå was about to start an internal project around one of their more sensitive responsibilities. A closed group of people were to cooperate around sensitive data. There was neither time nor resources, or any other reason for that matter, to build a system from scratch. They wanted a plug-n-play solution that allowed a team of 30-100 coworkers to do their everyday job (sharing information, produce documents and other files, configure access, etc) but in a system approved according to the Security Protection Regulation.

A partner asked us to help them meet the request of the municipality of Umeå for this system and we teamed up. The municipality of Umeå briefed us regarding their current IT-infrastructure and their team’s mission. We then discussed their potential cyber security threats, necessary functionality and reasonable security level. By the end of the meeting we had an idea for a solution.

At the second meeting we presented a solution including hardware, software, delivery, integration, support, pricing and estimated delivery date.

About nine months later (now we can do this in three months) we delivered a plug-n-play ready solution. User friendly and well documented to prove that it lives up to the Security Protection Regulation.

The system was initially used by the municipality of Umeå, water and waste competence in the north (Vakin) and Umeå Energy.

In an interview, Mattias Lind, head of security at Vakin, emphasises the importance of efficiency while meeting tougher security regulations around sensitive data. He talks about this solution as a tool that lets us do just that, be efficient while following regulations.

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