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link22 can now offer a product solution to ensure and automate downloads to physically separated environments. The solution ensures that downloads are inspected and managed over unidirectional data flows.
link22 Offline Update

The process is fully automated, information is fetched, reviewed, and then distributed to different locations in the target system. Files are inspected by link22 Data Guard, where a thorough inspection of each file takes place. The file is broken down into its components to detect vulnerabilities. Inspection can be done with traditional antivirus software, but we also support “Content Disarm and Reconstruction” (CDR), where each file is checked in detail to detect and remove unwanted information. For example, with CDR, we can remove embedded code in Office files. (CDR requires a separate license.) link22 Data Guard has an open architecture that allows for the addition of further customer-specific filters. Extending with additional filters is easy with our development kit.

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link22 Offline Update

Our efficient architecture saves time and energy. Files are only inspected once before being distributed to multiple end domains/target environments.

For example, we can handle the following files from the Internet today;

  • Linux updates (Ubuntu, Rocky, CentOS, Epel, Raspbian, and more)
  • Antivirus software updates (Defender ClamAV, and more)
  • Docker
  • Python repositories
  • Emacs Packages
  • CRL lists and CA


Access to downloaded files is done either via HTTPS or file sharing. This means that, for example, Linux computers believe they are online and can easily be patched regularly.

We are especially pleased to announce that we are extending our system license for link22 Secure Transfer with our new functionality. Existing customers can contact us to start using link22 Secure Offline Update. More information is available on our website.

Contact if you are interested in learning more about how this could be implemented in your context.

Marcus Ekbäck - Business Area Manager CDS

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