Self Hosted Cloud

Create, store, edit, exchange, communicate, share, collaborate, work in small groups, invite outsiders... Just like a public cloud, but on-premise and secure. We believe a self hosted cloud is the best way to achieve cloud security. This secure cloud system comes with other benefits such as controlled administration


Clouds are great for fast collaboration. So great in fact, that companies and governments are willing to trade their cloud security for efficiency. Cloud companies in foreign countries are trusted with sensitive data. This trade off is no longer needed, we let you host your own cloud. As the public cloud, but secure.

Function & Controlled administration

Outpost Collaboration let’s you and your co-workers communicate internally and externally. You can delegate access, host video meetings and collaborate in documents in real time. Third parties can be given access to shared desktops, documents and other data of your choice. The same functionality that we love in the regular cloud but with enhanced controlled administration.

In need of a Secure cloud system

This product is perfect for the research team at a big pharma company, an investigational unit at a government agency or a team of lawyers working on a sensitive case. Any team in need of efficient work while handling sensitive data can benefit from a self hosted secure cloud system.

Plug n’ play self hosted cloud

Outpost Collaboration is a beautiful combination of standard components complemented by user friendly software. The core is built on racks and pre-configured at our production facility and then placed at your office or other destination of choice. Upon delivery we plug in the power and hit play. That's it, your self hosted cloud is up and running.


The assets* are protected by:

  • Secure Access
  • Controlled Administration
  • Supervision
  • Secure Transfer

*Sensitive company information, personal data etc.

General secure template for self hosted cloud security
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