Some cases are too different, some cases are new to the industry, some cases are part of a highly complex system. link22 originates from situations like this. Our IT security consultants are hungry for any cyber security challenge, and we are happy to help in every way we can.


Our security consultants develop cyber security solutions in-house and at our clients' offices. Our wide ranging competence makes it easy for us to contribute in all cases regarding cyber security. Our customers range from private corporations, large government entities and the defence industry.


We have integrated a wide range of cyber security solutions. System development is at the core of link22. Our IT security specialists customize and integrate to enhance security and efficiency.


Many of our customers are highly regulated. They go through rigorous processes to get approval from governing agencies. We prepare all our products with proper documentation to make these processes as smooth as possible.


Maintenance, development and adaptation to new circumstances are parts of our everyday life. We build things that last but know that before the world changes we need to change to meet new threats and situations. We do technical investigations as a basis for decisions regarding the following steps.

Security analysis

15+ years of experience within cyber security makes us experts in security analysis. Our team ranges from experienced IT security specialists to newly graduated security consultants. Give us a go and we will try to find all weak spots in your system.

Let's talk about it. Call us at:+46 (0)13-13 24 00 or send a message through the form below.

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