link22 launches eavesdropping protection for the Swedish market

In a world where digital security is constantly challenged, link22 takes a step forward by launching with the Audio Diode in Sweden. The product is designed to protect from eavesdropping through speakers by ensuring unidirectional sound flows.
link22 lanserar avlyssningsskydd för svenska marknaden

Speakers can be used for eavesdropping

At a time when the possibilities for attacks are increasing, link22 continues to launch solutions for enhanced security. We are proud to introduce Audio Diode to the Swedish market, a product designed to prevent eavesdropping through speakers.

Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated, with techniques that can convert speakers into microphones, allowing them to eavesdrop on conversations. The attacker achieves this by recording the signals that appear when a speaker membrane vibrates due to speech in the room (this evokes a signal traveling “backwards” in the sound cable). The recorded signals are then converted back to speech in the attacker’s computer and the eavesdropping operation is successful. With Audio Diode, the user can ensure that speakers only operate in one direction, preventing sound signals from traveling backward. This prevents eavesdropping.

“We are proud to offer a solution like Audio Diode. It is a product that not only offers high security but also gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their talks are protected,” says Daniel Lester, Business Area Manager at link22.

link22 lanserar avlyssningsskydd för svenska marknaden

Audio Diode to protect sensitive information

Anyone who regularly works with sensitive information and participates in digital meetings can benefit from Audio Diode. Authorities, who often handle confidential information, can ensure that their digital calls remain private and protected from eavesdropping. Similarly, law firms, constantly handling client information and legal discussions, can integrate Audio Diode to enhance their information security.

Audio Diode against a real security risk

Eavesdropping through speakers is a real security risk for many businesses. Unprotected devices like headphones and speakers can be manipulated by attackers. Audio Diode prevents sound signals from traveling “backward” through the sound system, reducing the risk of eavesdropping through surrounding speakers.

link22 lanserar avlyssningsskydd för svenska marknaden

Low-pass filter

Sound passing through Audio Diode goes through a low-pass filter, limiting the sound frequencies to those perceivable by the human ear. This prevents hackers from eavesdropping by sending high-frequency signals to an external hacking device.

Read more about Audio Diode here.

Unidirectional sound flows

The Audio Diode allows sound signals to travel in only one direction. This means that sound signals cannot travel “backward”. The product thereby prevents hackers from manipulating a speaker/headphone to function as a microphone, capturing surrounding conversations.

Simple protection against advanced threats

Audio Diode is a simple way to protect against advanced intrusion attempts. It is easily installed between the speaker and the computer in rooms where information is exchanged verbally.

For more information about Audio Diode and how it can be integrated into your workplace, contact us at or book a demo here.

Daniel Lester - Business & Marketing Manager, Business Area Manager Solutions

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