Cross Domain Solutions

Some files should be transferable, some should not. Some files can be transferred if they do not contain sensitive information. Some files are only transferred if they are signed. Some files can be exported but not imported, or vice versa. We are experts in cross domain solutions.

Transfer without open doors

Set up one-way-only-transfers with our data diodes. Extract useful temperature data from a power plant without enabling trojans to enter. Upload evidence for a criminal case without making it possible to remove, extract or manipulate the data.


Our product Guard lets you inspect every file. A bank may want to stop all file transfers containing something that looks like a credit card number. A government may want to stop all files containing a social security number.

Humans for special cases

Computers are good for general cases. People are made for special occasions. Use our Countersign feature and require a third person signature to transfer sensitive files from designated locations. Humans and computers working together with cross domain security. Tailored for export control.

Smooth and secure

The link22 Secure Transfer suite comes with user friendly clients, smooth system updates and system development flexibility. All to keep usage, management and development efficient and secure.


Synchronize time in complex air-gapped systems

Reliable and guaranteed one-way time distribution is important in complex systems where multiple air-gapped security domains need to have a common system time. This can easily be realized using the link22 products where time (NTP protocol) is distributed from a common NTP Server over diodes to the different Security Domains.

link22 Time Distribution explained
link22 provides cross domain solutions for a solid cross domain security

Using Diode Syslog it is easy to setup the time distribution network shown below. In each Security Domain the receiving proxy can act as NTP Server for all clients in the domain. It is also possible to add an additional NTP Server in each Security Domain. If the receiving proxy acts as NTP Server it is recommended to use a physical proxy.

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