Outpost Access Terminal

For that computer at the office that is shared between co-workers that have different access levels. Enhanced cybersecurity and efficiency achieved by secure virtual desktops.


Outpost Access Terminal is our answer to the need for thin clients, adapted for stationary placement within your office environment. Outpost Access Terminal implements a role-based access control. The standard Windows Desktop is replaced with a simplified interface where you will be presented with a selection of applications that you are authorized to use. Typically, this means a set of links to virtual desktop environments.

Access to the essentials

The access client replaces the regular desktop interface and leaves the user with the applications and virtual desktops he or she shall have access to. The client runs in kiosk mode and takes over the whole screen. The resources of access are always virtual from a data center. All in a secure and user friendly virtual desktop interface.

Specifics about Outpost Access Terminal

Kiosk Mode
From Outpost Access Terminal you're only allowed to initiate a limited set of sessions to central IT services, like a remote session to one or several VDI environments.

No local persistent storage
Outpost Access Terminal does not persistently store any information locally. This is achieved by leveraging on Microsoft Windows solution for thin clients.

Smart Card Ready
Outpost Client is equipped with a built-in smart card reader.

Central administration
Applications are configured centrally via Outpost Manager.

Present operational information
Administrators can present operational information to inform users about planned maintenance or operation disturbance.

Simple user interface
We stripped it down to the essentials. It is intuitive and flexible.

Central deployment
Outpost Access Terminal is centrally deployed from the Outpost Manager.

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