Data Guard

A 24/7 digital soldier to inspect, reject & approve files before passage. Let Data Guard be your intrusive prevention system that helps you sleep at night.

Filters, filters, filters.

Data Guard is delivered with a comprehensive set of filters to detect unwanted files. But more; Guard is built for extension, you can easily add your own filter. Use our Filter SDK to add functionality in no time.

Reliable IPS security

Data Guard will inspect files according to your needs. Maybe you want to avoid leakage of anything that looks like a social security or credit card number. It will inspect metadata and reroute file transfers based on your situation.


Data Guard can implement different filtering logic depending on source, destination, content, whatever. Like a swiss army knife for cross domain connectivity. Adaptable but without compromise.

How it works

link22 Data Guard - How IPS Security works

Specifics about Data Guard

  • Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)
  • Transfer routing based on cryptographic metadata
  • PKI-aware authorization of transfers
  • Configuration of transfer routes
  • All imports and exports pass through the Guard that decides if the transfer is allowed based on transfer metadata and contents of transferred data.
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