Access Security

Full access, restricted access, role based access, remote work, on premise, no access, temporary employees, auditing… Attune your digital workplace to fit your current state of business. Give people just the right access with our Access suite. Maximize system trust and take the burden of humans.

Managed from within

You decide who gets access to what and when. Access control as it should be.

Secure & remote

Our access suite is built to support a flexible workforce. We call it Outpost Client, a secure workplace for the mobile user. Losing your computer on a train is no longer a security risk. Humans can be humans again.

Access terminal

One computer – multiple roles. The Outpost Access Terminal is a fixed and shared physical workplace placed in your office. What's in the terminal is dependent on who has logged in.

No more passwords

We give you full control of your certificates and your office will love you for not having to remember passwords.

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