link22 Countersign

Some file exports have to be approved by a third person, preferably by signature verification. Document countersign protects both humans and documents. That’s what link22 Countersign is for.

Signature - Countersignature

Control your users' export possibilities further. By denying single individuals to perform exports you implement solid control. Both a document sign and a document countersign are required and it comes with full accountability tied to the user's certificates.

Human check

Computers are great when it comes to general and repetitive cases. For example checking files for a certain string of numbers. Countersign is for the special cases, when a file transfer needs to be checked and approved by a human.

Double signatures - tenfold safety

When one signature is required only one human needs to be extorted to obtain information, when implementing countersign all humans in a team need to be extorted in order to obtain a document.

link22 Countersign explained

link22 file and document countersign explained

A controller who is to verify that a file may pass over an interface uses the application to review and verify that the file is approved for export. If the file is accepted, a signature (counter-signature) is added which is created using the controller’s smartcard. The role of the smartcard is to ensure signature verification. Then the file can proceed to the next step in the chain where link22 Guard verifies that the file is countersigned by an approved controller.


  • Developed graphical interface with user-friendliness in focus.
  • Can be easily integrated with link22 Guard to verify that a file has been countersigned, according to configurable rules.
  • Files are protected with a transport protection connected to the user’s smart card.
  • Configured with windows Active Directory and group policy.
  • Windows 10 application.
  • Smart card aware.
  • Designed for Export control.
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