link22 Print

Securing one of the weakest spots in your IT-system without compromising with usability. This is secure print.


link22 Print put print jobs on hold until a smart card is close to the printer. It also lets you integrate with link22 Guard and data diodes to limit print possibilities according to company policies.


The link22 Print allows for printing from any print capable application. Users can do as they always did but in a safer way.


Use link22 Print with link22 Guard and data diodes to strengthen one of the traditionally weak spots in any IT-system.

link22 print explained

link22 Secure Print explained

It is simple to print from the user’s desktop in the Secure IT-system as link22 Print appears as a standard Windows printer allowing printing from any print capable application. The printout is encapsulated into a file, encrypted and signed using the user’s smart card before it is forwarded. link22 Print is compatible with link22 Guard allowing for policy enforcement of printing. Once passed the Guard the print job is available for printout from any Release Station after smart card login. The print job is decrypted only when selected for printing and is directly printed to the physical printer attached to the Release Station.

Specifics about link22 Print

link22 Print is not only secured by smart cards, it also enjoys the traditional benefits of a pull print solution such as;

  • Users can pick a printer as they walk, not from their client.
  • Decreased total print volume.
  • Works with any printer.
  • Easier printer driver management.
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