Work off the grid

Be untouchable with Outpost. Meet the toughest regulations with an isolated workstation. Use our standalone laptops, be sure to be secure.

Less is secure

Outpost is a laptop stripped of communication possibilities. A simple and effective solution to a complex cyber security problem.


The ultimate security solution is to be off the grid. You choose whether your Outpost is to work with some USBs or no USBs. You choose to allow certain USBs to send information and certain USBs to receive information. It is a simple solution but not an easy build. We successfully built it. Our customers are untouchable.

Why off the grid?

This product is used for temporary investigations and for highly sensitive data registers at governments. It can hold blueprints for sensitive infrastructure projects or evidence for an ongoing criminal investigation. Used by the defence industry, municipalities, socially critical infrastructure entities and more.


  • Meets legal requirements from multiple governing agencies
  • Comes with documentation to ensure fast and easy approval processes
  • Software update functionality
  • Back up possibilities
  • DVD-burning
  • Media archive
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