Diode Syslog

Send syslog messages between domains.

Transport syslog messages

Diode Syslog supports the transport of Syslog messages between domains separated with data diodes. Both TCP and UDP protocols are supported and can be configured to run multiple parallel Syslog streams simultaneously.


The most basic setup is to have a single Syslog stream as shown below.

Diode syslog how it works

Another common scenario is shown below where logs are forwarded from three separate domains to a single Security Operations Center for centralized analysis and monitoring.

Diode syslog how it works

This architecture prevents information leakage between the security domains under supervision. It also ensures that personnel in each security domain can not manipulate the logs once stored in the Security Operations Center and that the personnel at the Security Operation Center have no direct access to the security domain they supervise.


Diode Syslog is able to forward Syslog messages from multiple computers to multiple Syslog servers in a different network separated by a data diode.

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