June 19, 2023

link22 Recruits Experienced IT-expert – Marcus Ekbäck

link22 is pleased to welcome tech enthusiast Marcus Ekbäck as the new Business Area Manager for Cross Domain Solutions. With a diverse background spanning across various sectors, Marcus' passion for technology and strong leadership will contribute to the company's continued growth and pursuit of a safer society.


Marcus Ekbäck

Marcus Has a Broad Experience

link22 is thrilled to introduce Marcus Ekbäck as the new Business Area Manager for the area of Cross Domain Solutions. Marcus, an enthusiastic technologist, will reinforce the team with a broad and versatile experience that spans across several sectors.

Marcus was born and raised in Hälsingland and has a background in industrial engineering, with a focus on computer science. His interest in technology was sparked early in life when his parents gifted him a Commodore computer, which led him to start experimenting with programming. According to him, his technical direction was a natural choice. His fascination for technology has continued to grow over the years, as evidenced by his passion for home automation and network building.

Broadband, IP-TV & Composites

Marcus most recently held a leading position at A-society. His career journey began at Ericsson in Linköping, where he worked with new broadband technologies just as the internet was starting to reach the general public.

From Ericsson, the journey continued to Motorola, where he took on the role of product leader for one of their IP-TV products. After Motorola, Marcus changed career paths and moved to work for a company manufacturing composites for the defense industry. There, he was head of a project office and also led a large project for an industrial customer.

Marcus sees his time in sports, specifically tennis, as an important part of his personal and professional development. He believes that his competitive background has taught him the importance of training, patience, and that rewards come to those who work hard. He has taken these lessons from the tennis court into his professional life.

Technology enthusiast with broad experience

Marcus most recently comes from a leadership position at A-society. His career journey began at Ericsson in Linköping, where he worked with new broadband technologies just as the internet began to reach the general public. From Ericsson, he moved on to Motorola, where he assumed the role of product manager for one of their IP-TV products.

Throughout his career, Marcus has built long and deep customer relationships in connection with complex deliveries of high-tech products. His experience, success, and focus on customer benefits are well suited for link22, where the relationship with the customer is important. Delivering components and technology to secure critical infrastructure and citizen's privacy imposes higher demands on cooperation.

Working Hard Together

When asked what he finds enjoyable about work, Marcus responds: "When you work hard together towards a goal, when you support each other, and when you reach that goal together! It's also fun when you compete against competitors.”

Marcus joins link22 with a strong passion for technology, a commitment to collaboration, and a strong drive to create value for all parties involved. These qualities, coupled with his experience from companies like Motorola, Ericsson, and A-society, make him an excellent fit for the role of Business Area Manager.

We welcome Marcus to the team and are confident that he will be a strong asset in the company's ongoing journey towards a safer society.

We are growing and constantly looking for more employees. If you, like Marcus, are seeking a meaningful and challenging job, we would be happy to receive your application.

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