From research to reality – Welcome Viktor Rask

We are happy to announce our latest recruit, Viktor Rask. His genuine intereste in data science and curiosity about technical solutions makes him likely to become a good contributor to the development of link22.
Från FOI till link22 – Välkommen Viktor Rask

From research to practice

Viktor grew up in Gävle from where he then moved to Örebro to become a M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Örebro. His theoretical interest carried him further and he went on to write his master thesis at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). He stayed at FOI researching sensors and image processing. After years in the more theoretical realm, Viktor feels urged to apply his knowledge in the real world, something he looks forward to doing at link22.

Cybersecurity and personal growth

Viktor has touched on many areas of software and hardware development, but not specifically cybersecurity. The desire to learn something new was one of the reasons he was drawn to link22.

“Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in today’s society; that was a reason for me to apply to link22.”

A combination of personal development and a large-scale trend was reason enough for Viktor to seek employment at link22.

Games & training

When not working, Viktor enjoys playing video games and board games. He also values physical activity, especially swimming and running.

For those considering joining link22, Viktor recommends having a chat with Helena and Hanna to get a sense of the company culture. You can find our open positions here.

At link22, we are very excited to welcome Viktor to the team!

Helena Gällerdal Högfeldt - COO, Chief Security Officer

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