link22 granted membership in Swedish defense industry organisation

We at link22 are proud to announce that we have been accepted as members of the Security and Defense Companies (SOFF) industry organisation. SOFF is an industry organisation for companies in the security and defense sector with operations in Sweden, aimed at promoting the competitiveness of its member companies.
link22 antagna till Säkerhets- och Försvarsföretagen

We see that the market for cybersecurity is huge and there is room for more players and growth, the same goes for the defense industry as a whole. The security situation will always be challenged, and it is necessary for market-competitive actors to also collaborate towards the higher goal of creating a safer society.

As members of SOFF, we have the opportunity to participate in the work to ensure that the security and defense industry in Sweden has the best conditions to operate successfully. We look forward to collaborating with other leading companies in the industry and contributing to market-promoting processes and activities.

The world is rapidly being digitized, more and more things are being connected. Authorities are digitizing, industries depend on digital systems and critical infrastructure is connected. The concepts of cybersecurity and general security have an increasingly larger overlap. The situation is becoming more complex, which puts higher demands on the solution. We look forward to collaborating with both direct colleagues and new partners through our membership in SOFF.

We are convinced that this membership will be important for our continued work in the security and defense industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of an organisation with such a strong position and influence in the industry, and we look forward to contributing to SOFF’s work. As one of Sweden’s leading cybersecurity companies, it is a natural step for us to be members and we believe we can contribute to the work towards a thriving market for member companies, both domestically and internationally.

Conny Ljungqvist - CEO

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