link22 is growing with Peter Alvarsson

We can happily announce that Peter Alvarsson is joining our mission to create a safe society by delivering cybersecurity without compromise. Peter spent 22 years at Ericsson and before that some time at Saab. We believe that Peter’s extensive experience from such renowned companies will make link22 even stronger.
Vi förstärker teamet med Peter Alvarsson

We asked Peter a few questions around employment, employer and life in general.

“I value an employer that believes in me and thrives when I’m valuable to the company. Preferably the company is forward moving, the tasks challenging and the culture prosperous. It is also important to have fun at work, especially when you work with very strict and serious products and clients.”

Peter does not emphasize the importance of the business area of cybersecurity, for him, it is more important that the industry see a bright future and that the company as such fulfill his general requirements. He did assess link22 as a company before signing by talking to former colleagues that now work at link22.

“I hope to make good use of my 22 years of experience from Ericsson by becoming a valuable contributor to the link22 team.”

“Colleagues that are competent, motivated and sharp keeps me motivated. Encouragement from colleagues and the company gives me energy.”

Peter says, regarding cybersecurity, that he already understands the societal importance of link22 and that he supports it on multiple levels.

His private life is all about supporting his son’s sports endeavors, specifically bicycling. He also spends a fair amount of time on bicycles himself.

We are happy to grow the team with Peter but it does not stop here. We are looking for more talent, more experience and more energy. If you, or someone you know, may be interested, we encourage a visit at our career site.

Helena Gällerdal Högfeldt - COO, Chief Security Officer

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