link22’s Founder Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

Each year, the entrepreneurs in Linköping award the Entrepreneur of the Year, among this year’s three nominees is link22’s CEO and founder, Conny Ljungqvist.
link22s grundare nominerad till årets företagare

Historic Award to Promote Profitable Development

Since the mid-1980s, Företagarna have been naming the Entrepreneur of the Year, both in various regions around the country and nationally. The award is given to inspire profitable societal development, and Företagarna write the following about the award:

Entrepreneur of the Year is an accolade given to highlight entrepreneurs who, through their commitment and entrepreneurship, manage and develop their operations in a profitable and sustainable manner, contributing to societal development.

The award goes to someone who owns and operates their own company. The intention is to highlight someone who is a leader and a role model by having a positive impact on the company and its surroundings. Innovation and creativity are also judged, through product or business model, or both. Finally, profitability and growth in relation to industry colleagues are also evaluated.

Conny is flattered by the recognition and says he hopes it’s due to Link22’s organic and stable growth in a constantly changing industry by delivering IT security products appreciated by the market.

Regardless of whether Conny becomes the Entrepreneur of the Year or not, the nomination is flattering and energizing for continued persistent work for a secure society where private and public actors can operate in safe IT environments.

Conny Ljungqvist - CEO

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