Master thesis on data diodes at link22 can lead to employment

At link22, we are always looking for talented and dedicated students. We make it easy for them to showcase their skills by writing a Masters thesis.
Examensarbete om datadioder på link22 kan ge anställning

The latest example is Ellen Brunnström and Martin Steen-Holmberg, who have just completed their thesis at link22. They have not only delivered impressive work, but have also proven to be fantastic colleagues who fit perfectly into the company culture.

We asked Ellen and Martin about their journey. They shared how they became interested in cybersecurity, what it is like to be part of link22, what the future may hold, and what cybersecurity means in their everyday life.

Cultivating an interest in cybersecurity

Ellen has been interested in online gaming for as long as she can remember. Computer technology became her passion from an early age. Growing up in Linköping, she felt that there were no other options for her than computer technology. Ellen enjoys problem-solving, particularly software related problems. She loves how software can be taken apart and rebuilt fast to gain knowledge.

Examensarbete om datadioder på link22 kan ge anställning

“The most important thing I learned at university was the ability to learn quickly, rather than specific knowledge of cybersecurity.”

Martin has been attached to his computer since childhood. He primarily played games like LOL and COD, and it wasn’t until later that he discovered his passion for computer technology. What fascinates Martin about computer technology is the untapped potential. He believes that computer technology can be applied to and improve many areas in society, and that it is full of both meaning and potential. From tracking buses in real-time to streamlining of healthcare and creating 3D models to learn how to dissect.

Martin and Ellen received a recommendation to write a thesis at link22 from a person with connections in the industry, they contacted the link22 and soon after received a concrete proposal for a thesis.

“It was good for us to receive a proposal. We had something to start from and could quickly return with adjustments that were needed to get approval from Linköping University.”

A thesis about data diodes

The mission was to investigate if a physical data diode could be replaced by a virtual data diode without compromising on function nor security. They concluded that the virtual versions available today are not as secure as a physical data diode, but that they can perform just as well as physical data diodes for some selected criteria. Ellen and Martin believe that virtual data diodes in the future can become as secure as physical ones and that more research is needed in the field.

Examensarbete om datadioder på link22 kan ge anställning

“We received good help from supervisors and experts at link22. Now and then, colleagues came by the thesis office, asked about our work, and offered help. We experienced a wonderful corporate culture full of willingness to collaborate and ambition.”

Ellen notes that they both appreciated being close to experts with many years of experience to learn quickly. Something they both believe would have been more challenging in a larger company where there are more departments and a steeper hierarchy.

Cybersecurity and the future

Martin reflects on an attack on a grocery store chain where the cash register system was put out of function. He points out that the weakness of large systems is that an attack can cause severe devastation. He believes that we will see increased system fragmentation to separate “points of failures” and thereby reduce the consequences of each attack.

When asked about specialization, Ellen says that right now, it’s about comprehending link22 as a whole and cybersecurity as a field. Time will tell whether she will specialize or not.

For Martin, computer science is about using technology to make the world a better place and solve real problems. He thinks it’s exciting to work in an area where there are constantly challenges and opportunities to learn new things. Through his work in computer technology and cybersecurity, Martin wants to create a better future for everyone.

For Ellen, cybersecurity is about solving complex problems and protecting important data from harmful intrusions. Working in cybersecurity gives her the opportunity to work with the latest technology and constantly challenge herself to find new and better solutions to problems that arise. Through her work, Ellen wants to help make digital systems safer.

Thesis and employment

Writing a thesis at link22 is a great opportunity for students to work together with experienced cybersecurity experts and get a first glimpse of what it’s like to work in an exciting industry closely linked to critical societal functions. For Ellen and Martin, the thesis at link22 was not only a challenge, but also an opportunity to gain valuable experience that has now led to their employment with the company.

To continue delivering quality cybersecurity, link22 constantly needs new energy, competence, and experience. Students with relevant education are an important part of this, and we see master thesis writing as a good opportunity for employment consideration. If you or someone you know is interested in making the same journey as Ellen and Martin, we encourage you to visit our career page.

Helena Gällerdal Högfeldt - COO, Chief Security Officer

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