Product Launch – Data Diode Proxy 3.3

We are excited and proud to announce the launch of Diode Proxy 3.3. Our reliable and highly configurable diode proxy has been improved to continue to be at the forefront of cybersecurity. It is for us a crucial part of a useful and secure IT-system.
Data Diode Proxy 3.3

Fast and steady. The Diode Proxy 3.3 is faster and more reliable with a default speed of 900 Mbit/second.

Enhanced control. The 3.3-version allows for certificate requests to be generated from Control Center. Transfer flows are now configurable and folders can be saved down to a desired level.

Useful anywhere. The Diode Proxy has always supported a wide range of network protocols and can be run on both a physical and virtual host in combination with any data diode. To take this even further the installation media now supports Open Virtual Appliance.

Major new functions in short:

  • Certificate Signing Requests can be generated from Control Center
  • Transfer flows can be configured to not remove folders down to a certain level
  • The installation media now also supports OVA (Open Virtual Appliance)
  • Increased speed and stability. The proxy now transfers in 900 Mbit/s by default
  • Overall stability and reliability improvements   


Read more about The Diode Proxy 3.3 and how to apply it here.

Request a demo for the Diode Proxy here.

Marcus Ekbäck - Business Area Manager CDS

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