Welcome Daniel Lester!

We are proud to announce our latest colleague Daniel Lester, a marketer deeply interested in cybersecurity.

He entered link22 with a major in marketing and experience from the 3D visualization industry and Cybersecurity within Australian Federal Police. Experience from different industries and different countries means new viewpoints regarding functionality, regulations and selling points. This is very useful for link22 and as always we hope that link22 learns as much from Daniel as Daniel learns from link22.

Why did you choose link22?

I thoroughly enjoy working within the cybersecurity industry. I find it to be both challenging and rewarding. Challenging in the sense things are always changing and you need to keep up to date. Rewarding in there is no better than feeling than knowing you are helping to protect society. I was also drawn to Link22 due to its high-quality products and strong growth in recent times. 

I want to deepen my knowledge within the cybersecurity field.

What are your thoughts on cybersecurity and the future?

I think cybersecurity is a vital concern for a functioning society. Having previously worked with the Australian Federal Police, I have seen the risks that face our society and witnessed firsthand the consequences of neglecting cybersecurity. I hope I can help our customers never see those consequences.

We are very excited about having Daniel onboard!

Helena Gällerdal Högfeldt - COO, Chief Security Officer

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