Impex Client

Tunn klient

Link22 Impex Clients enables secure import and export of data from digital media into a secure system. Utilizing link22 designed Kiosk Application, the import and export are tied to the user by cryptographic means ensuring full accountability.

Thin Client

Tunn klient

link22 Outpost Access Terminal is a hardened lightweight computer running link22 kiosk application that restricts access control and prevent information leakage.

Standalone Client

Fristående dator

Realize your work securely through Outpost, a standalone workstation designed to meet the strictest legal requirements. Use our offline laptops and computers for strict security. Outpost is an off-the-grid computer that takes cybersecurity and IT security to the next level, making it an efficient solution for information security.

Hardened Clients

At link22, we specialize in configuring hardened computers that strictly adhere to the guidelines set by Swedish defense and government agencies. Our solutions are comprehensive and include documentation, support, security updates and educational material.