Offline Update

Offline Update

The link22 Offline Update enables greater security when updating software in physically separated environments. The product automates and secures the download flow of software updates. link22 Offline Update automatically retrieves files, through a scheduler, onto a security airlock. In the security airlock, the file is inspected with link22 Guard and customizable filters. One of the filters allows the file to be broken down and reassembled according to the principles of “Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)”. The file is then distributed to the correct location in the target system. link22 Offline Update is designed for one-way data flows over data diodes.



Some file exports have to be approved by a third person, preferably by signature verification. Document countersign protects both humans and documents. That’s what link22 Countersign is for.

Secure Print

Secure print

Securing one of the weakest spots in your IT-system without compromising with usability. This is link22 Secure Print.

Transfer Applications

Transfer applications

Our user-friendly applications empower employees within your organization to independently import and export files to and from a secure domain.

Deep Inspection (CDR)

Deep inspection (CDR)

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) from Glasswall enhances protection against previously unknown threats and so-called zero-day attacks. With CDR, each file can be deconstructed, validated, cleansed, and reconstructed based on specifications of known and well-defined file types that are safe and permitted in your business. The capability of CDR allows you to shift from passive to active review and protect against zero-days where other solutions fall short.

Data Guard

Data guard

A 24/7 digital soldier to inspect, reject & approve files before passage. Let Data Guard be your intrusive prevention system that helps you sleep at night.

Diode Software

Diode software

Stand-alone software for data diodes that provides reliable and secure file transfer. Compatible with all hardware diodes regardless of brand. Optimized to handle extremely large files and file libraries.

Data Diodes

Data Diodes

Data Diodes ensure unidirectional data traffic between domains. link22 Data Diode Zero is a highly cost-effective product that provides network separation using an internal unidirectional optical fiber.

Secure Access Client

link22 Secure Access is a simple and secure solution for the modern digital workplace. Enhance your remote desktop environment by integrating Role-based Access Control through the link22 Secure Kiosk application.

Small Enterprise PKI

Small enterprise PKI

All you need to manage a small scale PKI. Fully offline with high assurance. User friendly and fully customizable through certificate templates. Take full control over user credentials with this tool.